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Archon Building Services Corporation COVID19 Action Plan

We at Archon Building Services Corporation understand that the COVID19 virus poses a high risk to humans and business operations. The purpose of our plan is to prevent, control and mitigate the effects of the COVID19 Virus on the operations of our clients.  It is our goal to provide the most consistent service to our clients even in the event of a crisis of this magnatude; with proper preparation through planning, staffing, training, contingency plans, updating cleaning protocol according to CDC as necessary and great communication between our office and our clients and employees.  Our business plays a pivotal role in protecting our employee’s health and safety as well as the health and safety of our clients building occupants.


Plan Administration


  •  Pandemic Communication Coordinator (PCC) established for the company

    1. Monitors virus updates from local, state and federal organizations.

    2. Communicates updates and impacts to executive team.

    3. Assists with implementation of necessary updates to business operations and cleaning programs.

    4. Reviews existing cleaning equipment, chemicals and supplies to comply with CDC recommendations. 

    5. Communicates new policies, new cleaning protocols to clients and employees as necessary.

    6. Monitors staffing levels and increases staffing as necessary.

    7. Inventories and orders surplus of supplies needed to mitigate virus.

    8. Managing employees that may fall ill to virus providing support as necessary.

  • Communication to workforce

    1. Covid19 communication pipeline established to keep all team members informed & for workforce to contact if issue arises.

    2. Educate staff on basic hygiene issues and ways to prevent spread of germs.

    3. Managers and Supervisor notify staff on hazards and CDC guidelines for prevention techniques for virus.  Implement in cleaning curriculum as necessary.

    4. Provide information to workforce about pandemic planning.

    5. Provide updated cleaning schedules and checklists to inform workforce.

    6. Establish Coronavirus attendance policies and protocol and communicate to staff. 

      1. Flexibility for staff members.

      2. Contingency staff cross trained.

    7. Employee exposure plan

      1. Mandatory 14 day minimum stay at home.

      2. Offer medical guidance and support

      3. Follow Up and Evaluation

      4. Return to work protocols


  • Communication to clients

    1. Establish emergency communication plan

    2. Coordinator communicates to clients on any changes regarding cleaning program or staffing.

    3. Coordinator offers clients solutions to better prepare facility against infection or spread of virus.

  • Quality Assurance

    1. Perform inspections while our workforce is working to ensure proper cleaning guidelines are being followed. 

    2. Perform inventory to keep proper levels of chemicals and equipment due to more comprehensive cleaning specifications.

    3. Provide retraining to existing staff on proper cleaning specifications.


  •  Cleaning Operations Continuity

    1. Increasing staffing level to offset absenteeism for front line staff.

    2. Daily check-ins with Managers and Supervisors.

    3. Cross train employees to work several specialties and locations.

    4. Flexibility on shifts.

    5. Hire and train Supervisors to provide flexibility and coverage over multiple teams and locations.

    6. Meet with supply chain partners.

    7. Stockpile/order equipment and supplies necessary to combat virus.

    8. Allow flexibility with labor cost as cleaning/disinfecting will take more time. 

    9. Provide support for workforce as needed (medical, attendance, financial, etc.)

    10. Meet with financial partners-access to capital if necessary.

COVID19 Questions and Answers

1. Question: Do you have plenty of PPE and recommended disinfectant on hand to ensure your employees can work safely to protect themselves and your clients?
Answer: Yes, Our employees have been given masks and hand sanitizer to keep for themselves at all times while on the job. 

2. Question: Are you providing additional training that includes how to properly put on and take off PPE so they don’t re-contaminate surfaces or contaminate themselves when putting on or taking off?
Answer: Yes, we have been training & continuing discussions on this topic. We are making sure that masks are being worn correctly, shoe coverings when necessary, and in some instances in medical offices, we are having them wear double or triple gloves.

3. Question: Do you use equipment like electrostatic sprayers or foggers to provide additional disinfecting besides hand wiping?
Answer: Yes, we have actually been utilizing electrostatic sprayers in the school systems we serve for 2-3 years now to help combat influenza. We have been using them more often and in more than just schools. Churches, Commercial Offices, Retail customers, have all requested this service.

4. Question: Are you setting up stations with additional disinfectant in spray bottles that your clients can use to disinfect their work areas?
Answer: Not for every client, but for those that want to purchase additional hand sanitizer, we have been setting up dispenser stands around their buildings.

5. Question: How are you helping your clients to understand what is needed to sanitize the work place? Are you providing your employees with additional training on how to properly disinfect? 
Answer: We have sent out a letter to all our customers with CDC recommendations. We have also communicated our commitment to increased cleaning/disinfecting in high touch areas.

6. Question: Are you doing any Health Checks or Pre-Shift Surveys for your employees? If so, explain.
Answer: Yes, before every shift, each employee has to verbally state they have not had any illness symptoms along with having their supervisor scan them for temperature. They then have to sign & date a document we keep on file for records.

7. Question: What is your protocol when an employee shows symptoms or have been diagnosed with Covid-19?
Answer: They are not allowed to come to work and must self quarantine for at least 14 days and can return to work only when there is verification from a doctor’s office that COVID or any other illness is not present.

8. Question: What are your social distancing guidelines for your employees? 

Answer: Standard 6’ apart when possible. Wear masks when inside all client locations. Take lunch/breaks separately.

9. Question: What additional training are you providing your employees? (Hazard Communication, Biological Contamination, and Bloodborne Pathogens?)
Answer: Our employees have always been trained on Bloodborne Pathogens and Biological spills. We also adhere to the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard. 

10. Question: How are you changing your cleaning protocols to provide additional disinfecting services?
Answer: We have always performed high-touch disinfecting procedures where we use disinfectant cleaning agents on all door knobs, light switches, door frames, handrails, appliance control panels and other high touch areas in the buildings we service. We have also implemented wide spread use of hydrostatic disinfection sprays for wide area disinfection. Our trained custodial staff will continue to use hospital-grade products in their cleaning regimen to help reduce the spread of communicable illnesses. If you see our staff wearing masks, do not be alarmed. We are simply taking an extra precaution as we enter a multitude of areas throughout the week.


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